From your description, you seem to be a very good candidate for this new technique and should really get the look that you are desiring without implants or any unnecessary visible scars. I would recommend that you search for an ABPS board certified plastic surgeon who is also a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons in your area or an area that you would like to travel to on holiday who offers the Bellesoma technique to discuss your breast reduction and possible results.  You've provided great information - the only thing that would be more helpful in order to give you the best advice about your options would be an in-person exam.
Why don’t people do their homework before publishing incorrectly. Michaela Romanini looks more or less the same after her surgery, yet some articles online are claiming she is almost unrecognisable. What a load of rubbish as they are using Danni Minogue’s picture and the pre-surgery one. How can those that right these articles not know? Someone has put the two pictures of different women online and it is being regurgitated into different articles. The Australian Dannii Minogue looks nothing like the Italian woman. Please at least make an effort to check your facts before publishing! Search online and you will find Miichaela looks almost the same before and after surgery.

Drainless abdominoplasty uses sutures to bind the soft tissues and abdominal wall together. Unfortunately, the quilting technique used to suture the muscle and tissue together may be visible in the skin, creating the appearance of skin irregularities. In addition, it doesn’t completely do away with the risk of forming seromas. The drainless technique also requires the patient to be under anesthesia for a longer period of time, and the less time under general anesthesia, the better it is for the patient.
A breast lift usually costs between $3,500 and $6,000, including an anesthesia fee of $1,000 to $1,500, a hospital fee of $500 to $1,500 and a surgeon's fee. The breast lift cost also will vary from patient to patient, and a lift on smaller breasts, which usually require fewer incisions, will be slightly less expensive. For that reason, a doctor will need an in-office consultation to provide an accurate quote.
Our surgeons will speak with you regarding your personal cosmetic goals and the specific results you wish to achieve. To plan your treatment appropriately, our surgeons must determine how much loose skin and fat are present. For an optimal aesthetic outcome, skin tone will also be taken into consideration. During this discussion, Drs. Bendor-Samuel and Boileau will want to know as much as they can about your medical and family history in order to minimize risks, prevent complications, and determine the ideal time for your surgery. 
Tip: Look for a board-certified plastic surgeon with plenty of experience performing breast surgery. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons[2] provides a free referral service. When you meet with a surgeon, discuss your expectations to find out whether they are realistic. Also discuss risks and disadvantages. One major disadvantage of the breast lift procedure is that it inevitably leaves scars, which can be red, bumpy and very noticeable. Also, the surgery can cause numbness, tingling and loss of sensation in the breasts and nipples, which usually, but not always, disappear over time.
Once you have made the important decision to proceed with cosmetic surgery, Anne will organize a preoperative medical evaluation, laboratory tests, order specialized surgical equipment, implants, and schedule the procedure with the surgical facility. Most of Dr. Lee’s surgical procedures are performed at the private hospital Centre Métropolitain de Chirurgie (CMC). Dr. Lee also offers ambulatory cosmetic procedures at two “state of the art” private surgical facilities. Westmount Square Surgical is conveniently located less than 100m from our office. RocklandMD Surgery Center is a beautiful facility located in the Town of Mont Royal. Both are preeminent private ambulatory surgery facilities offering a high standard of surgical care.
Although there is rarely a medical reason for a breast lift, the surgery can have a great impact on a your mental and emotional health.  If you are considering a breast lift, it is important to remember that you are making an investment in yourself and your future. A breast lift can improve the overall appearance of your breasts and increase your self-confidence. Your clothes may not only fit better, but more clothing options may be available to you than ever before.
Teardrop implants, have an oval, tear-shaped form to them. They are regularly composed of cohesive silicone gel to preserve their shape and are commonly referred to as gummy bear implants in Michigan. Although the cost of these breast implants is typically higher than others, they are said to become the most popular implants by 2020, as their results are surprisingly natural.
It is important to bear in mind that no breast implant lasts a lifetime. The lifespan of the implant depends not only on the quality of the Implant, but also on factors such as the reaction of the body, and how your lifestyle habits are. Breast implants usually have a lifetime replacement guarantee in case of a rupture, early capsular contractures or rejection. When breast implants are removed, augmentation using fat grafts can be utilized to keep the breasts in a youthful appearance.
From the minute I stepped outside I turned to my husband and said I wanted to get it done. I was very glad to have him there with me because after the appointment he understood it all as well and encouraged me to move forward. After considering it for a day or two, I called and booked the appt. My doctors office required a $500 down payment to secure the date, with the remaining balance due a week prior to surgery. Obviously the cost is extensive and out of pocket, but there are medical loans (your Doctor can point you in the right direction), bank loans, credit cards, or of course, cash. I know that money is a major factor when it comes to surgery but I have not regretted a single penny of it! 
While a breast lift can be performed at any age it is recommended that the procedure be undertaken only when breast development has stopped. Childbirth and breast-feeding can have a significant effect on the size and shape of your breasts. Though some women decide to have their breast lift or breast reduction before having children, you should discuss any plans to breast-feed with your plastic surgeon.
Prior to coming into this appointment, my Doctors office sent me a very well laid out booklet that had pages of what to expect. Every procedure, complication, restriction and even mental health information was located inside. By the time I got to my appointment, I had read it cover to cover! At the pre-op appointment (which I believe was about a week prior to the surgery) a nurse took pictures of me in super sexy paper underwear (kidding on that sexy part), went over what to expect on surgery day and also made sure they had up to date medical history.
When you’re getting ready for your initial consultation, you’ll want to prepare some questions for your doctor and the staff in the office. Having a list of what to ask and bringing it with you will help while you are nervous. At the consultation appointment, be prepared to listen.  Your doctor should take the time to discuss your procedure – there are many variations of tummy tuck and several concerns to take into considering including the type of incision, other abdominal wall or hernia repair that may need to be completed, the risks associated with the procedure, and of course, the costs.
In 1930, Gillies' cousin, Archibald McIndoe, joined the practice and became committed to plastic surgery. When World War II broke out, plastic surgery provision was largely divided between the different services of the armed forces, and Gillies and his team were split up. Gillies himself was sent to Rooksdown House near Basingstoke, which became the principal army plastic surgery unit; Tommy Kilner (who had worked with Gillies during the First World War, and who now has a surgical instrument named after him, the kilner cheek retractor), went to Queen Mary's Hospital, Roehampton, and Mowlem to St Albans. McIndoe, consultant to the RAF, moved to the recently rebuilt Queen Victoria Hospital in East Grinstead, Sussex, and founded a Centre for Plastic and Jaw Surgery. There, he treated very deep burn, and serious facial disfigurement, such as loss of eyelids, typical of those caused to aircrew by burning fuel.[citation needed]
The ‘gummy bear’ implant comes in both round and teardrop shapes. They have a firmer gel, which may give a better shape and may last longer. The round gummy bear implant is often a good choice for women with looser tissues and who want a more durable implant that remains soft. The teardrop shaped gummy bear implant may be a good choice for women whose tissues are relatively tight and desire a very proportionate and natural looking enhancement with less fullness of the upper portion of the breast and more projection and fullness of the lower portion of the breast.
My breast have always been too large for my tastes, and often cause me back issues, and I’m considering getting a reduction. Your article had some great information about different breast surgeries, and how they work, and I liked how you detailed the possible reasons a person should get breast reduction surgery. I’ve always had posture issues, always have back, should, and neck pain, and can only wear certain clothes due to my bust size, so according to your post, breast reduction surgery may be a good idea for me.
This question would come in any patient’s mind. It is a procedure in which the surgeon surgically removes extra fat of the tummy to offer the client with a flat tummy. It may frighten you, but there is nothing to worry about. Above 117,000 had tried the tummy tuck surgery in 2014 in the USA. Most of them were happy with the result of their surgery. It helped them in removing extra fat and get back their fit personality.
Also referred to as a mastopexy, breast augmentation in conjunction with the lift. An augmentation can increase the total cost of the surgery because of additional surgical expertise required. Most augmentation surgeries also require the use of implants, which can add additional costs as well, especially depending on the type and style of implant chosen. Dr. Van Wyck can discuss the differences between your options during your consultation.

Breast reduction involves reducing the size of the breast. A breast lift involves lifting the nipple-areolar complex and reducing the excess skin of the breast. Breast reductions can involve just liposuction in patients who have more fatty tissue than glandular breast tissue. Liposuction alone indeed does reduce the volume of the breasts. However, sagging of the breast can result and liposuction alone is therefore performed usually in highly selected patients.
A standard tummy tuck addresses the same areas as a limited procedure, but also includes the upper abdomen, or the area above the navel. The cost can range from $8,500 to $10,000. This procedure involves more dramatic repositioning of overlying skin than a limited tummy tuck, and often requires the cosmetic alteration of the skin to create the appearance of a navel once tissues have been removed and sutured closed.

This website is filled with information and photos describing cosmetic plastic surgery procedures of the breast, face, and body. Our goal is to provide you with a better understanding of plastic and cosmetic procedures. As an informed patient, you will be more comfortable with your choice to undergo plastic surgery and are likely to have a better and more satisfying result.

All surgery has risks. Common complications of cosmetic surgery includes hematoma, nerve damage, infection, scarring, implant failure and organ damage.[33][34][35] Breast implants can have many complications, including rupture. In 2011 FDA stated that one in five patients who received implants for breast augmentation will need them removed within 10 years of implantation.[36]
There are variations to the incisions used for breast lifting. The traditional method of lifting the breast uses 3 incisions: one around the areola, the second vertically from the bottom edge of the areola to the crease under the breast and the third along the natural curve of the breast crease. Your plastic surgeon will inform you which incisions are most appropriate for you.
Once you’ve committed to the procedure and decided on a surgeon, you’ll need to schedule a pre-op appointment.  Your surgeon will also likely review your procedure again and answer any questions you might have.  Some physicians ask you to bring an example of clothes you typically wear or a swimsuit to discuss the placement of your scars so you can finally have that bikini body you’ve dreamed of! I brought a swimsuit to my surgery day so he could see exactly where I would prefer the scar lines to fall.